Audio Streaming Help

Hi! Our audio stream uses stereo and mono (high or low) streams to carry a music file that is based upon the same format as a compact disc, encoded much the same as an .mp3 file you listen to on your portable music player or computer.

Depending upon your operating system (Macintosh OS X, Windows x86 or Linux), you can listen to our streams using an assortment of computer programs. Take a look at the list below to find out if you have the right player for your operating system.

While we have no particular favorite from the list, we find people have the fewest number of problems using iTunes, as it sets itself up for carrying the stream by itself.

Click the Listen Live Button and select "Open" to begin playing the file.

For Windows (x86) PC users (over 90%) you will need one of these:

Nullsoft's Winamp
Apple Computer's iTunes
RealNetworks' RealPlayer
VLC media player

For Macintosh OS X users:

Apple iTunes
RealNetworks RealPlayer
VLC media player

Linux Users:

VLC media player


Clear your internet browser's cache- for Internet Explorer, on the top menu click "Tools" and in the window that opens up under Temporary Internet Files, click the "Delete Files" button to clear the cache. For Mozilla Firefox: from the menu options, choose Tools and then Clear Private Data For Safari users, from the Safari menu, click Empty Cache- Windows Safari users go to Edit, and then to Empty Cache

This should clear up most problems, some Windows users may have to set up which program handles .m3u files. Click Start, go to All Programs, and then click Set Program Access and Defaults at the top of the list. Select "Custom" at the bottom of the panel, and scroll down to Choose a default Media Player. Select the program you have chosen to use to listen to the stream with and close the window by clicking "OK".


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